Crest Connect Details

Parent logins are available to access our portal Crest Connect. In order to access these systems, you will need your login ID and password. Please follow the instructions below to retrieve your login ID and/or reset your password.


Crest Connect

Frequently Asked Questions
What can I access in this system? 

College Calendar, Latest News, Year Level Pages, Class Pages, Student Timetables, Teacher Contact details, Student Results, Academic Summaries…

What is my login ID & password?

  • Login ID: Is your 4 or 5 digit College ID number. It is supplied with the Parent Interview booking information and can also be found on fee invoices. (Note: Parents have an individual login ID, so only one parent’s ID will be on the fee invoice). If you do not have this information, it can be recovered using the Password Self Service web site (Forgotten Username link), providing you have a registered email address with the College.
  • Password: Can be reset via the same web site if you do not have it recorded or haven’t used the system before, providing you have a registered email address. (Forgotten Password link)

Password Self Service

How can I get my email address registered with the College?

If you receive emails from the College, your address is already registered. If not, please send an email with your details to or contact the Office.

How can I get further help with these systems?

Email for further support.