The Beginnings

Hillcrest Christian College has had a rich history from its inception. While the educational opportunities and facilities have been enriched and enhanced, the core Christian values and commitments remain the same.

Hillcrest began in Nyora in 1981, as a pioneering project in Christian education under the visionary leadership of its founders, Barry and Gwenyth Rodgers. In 2003, the Nyora campus closed down. The current Clyde North site was added in 1996, then known as the Ayr Hill Campus. This new campus began with 98 students from Prep to Year 8 and the 138-acre property was ideal for learning and education, growing to a modern and vibrant ELC to Year 12 campus of 1350 students.


Growing Facilities

2005 saw a new principal appointed to grow the College and to engage in a new strategic direction which would ensure success for the coming years. Under Dr Pampuch’s direction, the College grew by 100 students each year.

This growth was matched by the development of a number of significant facilities including: an Early Learning Centre for 3 & 4 year olds, a Discovery Centre (library resource centre), a Creative Arts Centre, a Performing Arts Theatre, a Multipurpose Centre, additional Science Laboratories, an Administration Centre, a Food Technology Centre, new classrooms and new playing fields and outdoor spaces for students.


Continued Development

What started out as Hillcrest has now flourished into an entire Crest Education precinct which now includes Rivercrest Christian College, inaugurated in 2014, as well as the Equestrian Trade Training Centre. In addition, we continue to develop an Environmental Centre at the back of this 138 acre property providing many opportunities for genuine learning in a living laboratory.