Scholarships and Awards

It is CREST’s hope that all families have access to leading, Christian education. For this reason, CREST introduces Access Awards to families who would not otherwise have the financial means to afford a CREST education. All families of Years 9 – 12 students are invited to apply for Access Awards. They will be available to students who are already attending, students who are enrolled at our CREST Colleges (who have not yet commenced), and to new students.

Access Awards are means tested, with shortlisted applicants being required to provide evidence of family financial circumstances (as evidenced in income tax statements). Eligible families can receive up to 50% off tuition fees until the completion of Year 12.

  • Eligibility Year Levels: Years 9 – 12
  • Discount Offered: Up to 50% off tuition fees
  • Period of Award: Until Year 12 is completed
  • Continuation: Need to meet the criteria every year

Access Awards are granted to students who can demonstrate:

  • Full support of the College’s philosophy, ethos and Christian values
  • A capacity and desire to contribute positively to the life of the College
  • Evidence of exemplary standards of effort, progress, and behaviour at school
  • Participation in school or community service activities

To learn more about CREST’s Access Awards, please contact our Registrar. Please note, students who are not enrolled must complete an Expression of Interest or Enrolment Application Form prior to submitting an application for Access Awards.