Biblically based

Our Beliefs

The curriculum at Hillcrest will be based on the following biblical presuppositions, in addition to those clearly articulated in the Foundational Faith Statements:

  • God is the Creator of truth and reason, who gives our students the capacity to explore the Scriptures, to study the wonders of the universe, and to seek understanding of the purpose of our lives. An understanding and appreciation of the ‘big picture’ will give structure, clarity, purpose and coherence to the day to day reality of our lives.
  • God is a God of order and as such, His creation can be studied in such a way as to understand the Divine mark on all He has made.

Statement of Faith

  • We believe in the divine inspiration, the infallibility and supreme authority of the Old and New Testaments in their entirety and that the Holy Spirit so moved the writers that what they wrote are authoritative statements of truth for all matters of faith and conduct.

  • We believe there is one God in whom there are three equal Divine Persons, revealed as the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit; and who of His own sovereign will created the heavens, the earth and all that is contained within the Universe.
  • We believe the Lord Jesus Christ is the eternally existing, only begotten Son of the Father, conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary. As God, He became flesh and dwelt among us; as man He was God.
  • We believe all men are in a fallen, sinful and lost condition through the rebellion of Adam and Eve, who were created without sin, and in this state of depravity are helpless to save themselves and are under the condemnation of God to eternal punishment in Hell.
  • We believe those who have been regenerated by the Holy Spirit will receive a resurrection body at the return of Jesus Christ and be forever with the Lord, while those who have not believed will be resurrected to stand at the Judgment Seat of God to receive His judgment and eternal condemnation to Hell.
  • We believe in the actual existence of Satan who is the father of all evil and opposed to God although ultimately subject to the purposes of God and destined to be confined forever to Hell.
  • We believe the Church is the Body of Christ composed of all believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, which finds its visible manifestation in the local community of believers and ministers through the co-operative exercise of God-given gifts by the entire membership.