An expectation of the College is that parents ensure that their children respect and abide by the uniform policy of the College. All students must own and wear the appropriate full uniform. All students are expected to keep their appearance neat and tidy, especially while wearing the College uniform.

Pre-Owned Uniforms can be purchased through our Facebook page. Click here to find out more.

Our uniform policy covers a range of related issues such as the wearing of jewellery and makeup, hair styles, and appropriate footwear.


Noone Imagewear is the official uniform supplier for Hillcrest Christian College. All inquiries regarding the Hillcrest uniform can be made at their Beaconsfield shop, 6 days a week between normal retail hours on 9769 9093.

A range of payment options will be available from our contract uniform supplier. New and second hand uniform items are also available from the college or Administration email.

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