Student Progress & Achievement

Feedback for Learning

Our aim is to ensure that every student is able to grow and flourish into all that God has called them to be. Hillcrest Christian College places a very high value on academic excellence and vocational skill, encouraging each student to aspire to achieve their personal best in all areas of learning. Our students’ achievements are a great testament to the quality of Hillcrest teachers at every level and to the support of their parents.

Feedback for Learning

Student progress is closely monitored throughout the year and data collected from assessments is used to plan and develop learning programs in the classroom. Our assessment and reporting practices ensure that students and parents have a great deal of information regarding what standards are required and where students sit in relation to them. The key to our approach is threefold:

  • Continuous online assessment and feedback:  Through our Crest Connect portal, parents have constant access to the latest assessment and feedback information about their child that indicates what they are able to do, how they can move their learning forward and their ongoing progress.
  • Semester summaries:  At the same time we recognise it is important and helpful to provide a learning summary at the end of each semester for Years 7 to 10. This includes an indication of progression against the Australian Curriculum Achievement Standards.
  • Learning Conferences:  Twice a year we hold formal learning conferences where parents are able to engage directly about the learning progress and achievement of their child. From Year 3 through 12, students are active participants in these conferences as having agency in their own learning is vital.

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