Learning Programs

Learning Programs

At Hillcrest, we are committed to supporting each student in the discovery and development of their God-given gifts and talents and to helping them consider how they might usefully serve God and the community with these gifts.  Handbooks provide a comprehensive overview of all learning programs across Hillcrest Secondary.

Course Selection

Career Pathway Information & Support

A clear goal or career pathway provides clarity and focus for students throughout their studies in the senior years. During Year 10, students undertake the subject of Careers which aims to support them in developing these goals. Throughout Years 10 to 12, students have regular opportunities to meet with a member of the Senior Secondary School panel to discuss subject choices.

They also meet with the Career Pathways Coordinator, to discuss career options and receive information on tertiary preferences and applications. Through the ‘Career News’ and the Hillcrest Pathways website the College ensures that parents and students are kept up to date about relevant information regarding options.


The Exceler8 program (Gifted and Talented) is available to students in Junior Secondary Years (7-9) who are assessed as having particular giftedness in aspects of learning. It is underpinned by a well-researched holistic approach and incorporates: In-class enrichment and differentiation for those who require extension in one or more content areas, withdrawal for enrichment or extension activities or individualised programming, and mentors for students who have a strong interest and potential ability in a particular field which may be outside the regular school curriculum.


The camps program provides students with a range of opportunities to extend learning beyond the classroom. In Junior Secondary (Years 7 to 9) students participate in outdoor adventure style camps designed to cultivate resilience, promote team work, solve practical problem and build life skills. Year 10 gives students the opportunity to select either a city experience or an equestrian or adventure camp. Year 11 and 12 students participate in study camps designed to equip them with the skills required for success in VCE.

Learning Support

Our Learning Support programs and resources are aimed at encouraging and enabling all secondary aged students to experience significant learning success. Under the leadership of our Secondary Learning Support coordinator, the Learning Support team work closely with classroom teachers and parents in catering for the needs of students. The Learning Support Program is also supported by specialists such as psychologists and other agencies.