Well being

The wellbeing of every student matters to us. We are wanting Hillcrest to be a place where all students discover, connect, grow and serve in a safe and supportive environment. There are five aspects of wellbeing linked to our four pillars of purpose. 

Spiritual Wellbeing (Faith), Emotional Wellbeing (Character), Mental and Physical Wellbeing (Learning), and Social Wellbeing (Service).

The Primary Student Wellbeing Coordinators key role is to support the teachers in providing pastoral care, in following through with families who may have concerns about aspects of their child’s wellbeing, and initiating and overseeing programs that promote wellbeing.

Pastoral Care

We believe a relaxed and happy child learns more effectively and so our approach to pastoral care in Hillcrest Primary underpins everything we do. Such care encompasses all activities and the essential relationships, especially between the teacher and student.

While all teachers are charged with a duty of care for all Hillcrest students, the prime responsibility falls to each student’s Pastoral Care Teacher who will also be responsible for the majority of direct teaching. Our Pastoral Teacher/Homeroom approach provides students with individualised attention and an environment that fosters healthy positive relationships.

Primary Chaplaincy

Full of fun and full of care, that describes Hillcrest Primary’s fulltime chaplain. Along with the two Secondary Chaplains, the chaplain undertakes a wide range of roles including:

  • Connecting with students of all ages so they know there is a person who can listen and help them
  • Providing individual care for students needing particular support when they face various challenges in their lives
  • Organising Primary chapel services, sharing devotions with students and staff, and attending special events such as camps and excursions.