Learning Programs

Learning Programs

Hillcrest Primary offers rich learning experiences based on the Victorian Curriculum from a Christian worldview perspective.  A broad and balanced Primary School curriculum designed to lay the foundations for future learning provides learning and teaching opportunities that cater for different learning styles, student needs and abilities.  Teachers use a variety of teaching strategies together with a range of dynamic student groupings to maximize student learning. 


Children need a solid foundation of skill acquisition plus a range of thinking and research abilities in order to learn how to learn.  We develop this foundation in Primary School through inquiry learning in Prep and Year One Investigations.  Inquiry learning in Investigations is child-initiated, active and creative, owned by the child, reflective of the interests of the child and purposeful.  It is related to the curriculum for Social and Emotional Learning, English, Mathematics, Science, History and Digital Technology.

RWI (Read Write Inc.)

RWI is a program implemented across Prep and Year 1 that develops expert knowledge of letter-sound correspondence. Students are grouped into small groups to work on applying and extending their knowledge in reading and writing activities based on graded books.   Small groups also give students opportunities for extra support or extension depending upon individual needs.  

Digital Technologies

The growth and development of digital technologies has influenced and changed our workplaces, lifestyles and society in many different ways. As a result, it has become increasingly important for students to learn how they can use and develop digital technologies. In primary school, students will learn to:

  • Collect, analyse and explore data.
  • Use computational thinking and digital tools to break down and solve problems.
  • Examine how digital systems work and influence our world.
  • Discover what it means to be a digital citizen.