Primary School

Laying strong foundations - building confidence

Hillcrest primary provides a unique environment for a diverse mix of children who live and learn together, growing in faith, character, understanding and service. The uniqueness of each student is valued - their personalities, strengths and areas for growth – with the learning programs and teaching approaches aimed at enabling all to shine.

Our focus is on instilling essential knowledge and conceptual understandings across a broad range of learning areas through differentiated, inquiry based learning approaches. Primary students benefit from the care of dedicated, professional teachers who bring a commitment to teaching Christian values and a curriculum designed to lay the foundations for future learning.

Junior Primary

Junior Primary School (Preparatory - Year 2)​ is all about laying firm foundations

The focus at Junior Primary is on providing students with an environment and experiences that stimulate curiosity about themselves, the people around them, their world, and their Creator. Particular emphasis is given to Literacy and Numeracy as these are the foundations upon which further learning is built.

Senior Primary

Senior Primary School (Years 3 - 6) is all about engagement and exploration

The focus at Senior Primary changes to consolidating skills and strategies which enable students to learn effectively and develop positive, God-honouring relationships. As students develop independence they seek answers to challenging questions and make informed decisions.

Christian Faith & Values

As our youngest students begin their faith journey, we provide opportunities for them to learn about Jesus, and how they can love and follow him. Christian understandings and values are integral to the whole curriculum and central to daily class devotions, weekly Christian Studies classes, chapels and assemblies.


Our safe, comfortable and creative environment helps our students to make the most of their learning experiences. We believe that nurturing trusting, strong relationships between children, families and staff are key to honouring each child’s individuality. We do this through our communication and collaboration with parents and our partnerships with families.

Student Leadership

We want to instill in our students the importance of being a positive influence to their peers and others. Key to this is the recognition and development of leadership skills. We have a Student Representative Council made up of students from Year levels (3-6) as well as a Year 6 student leadership team.

Serving Others

Having children grow to be considerate, compassionate and generous Australians is a vital part of College life. We look for opportunities for all students to participate and contribute in a variety of ways to their local community and beyond. We believe that our children are part of a larger community that we all need to serve.