Early Learning Centre

Where the journey begins…

At Hillcrest Christian College we believe that early childhood is a very precious and influential time in a child’s life. The quality of the learning and nurturing received by the children at our ELC is fundamental to their success in later years. Our centre reflects best practice in early childhood under the expert care of highly experienced and qualified Christian staff who are there to nurture and guide your children in their lives and learning. Right from the start of their journey at Hillcrest, the foundations for growing in faith, character, learning and service are established.

3 Year Old ELC (Blue Wrens & Kookaburras)

At Three Year Old ELC children establish respectful, trusting relationships with educators and other children as they explore and engage in relationships through play. Within a safe environment, they learn how to approach new situations with confidence, to be open to new challenges and to make discoveries for themselves as they begin a journey of lifelong learning. Pre-literacy and pre-numeracy skills are introduced in preparation for our Four Year Old program. 

4 Year Old ELC (Lorikeets & Rosellas)

Four Year Old ELC builds on the foundations for lifelong learning. Inquiring minds are developed through hands-on, interactive and investigative learning experiences, through the informal introduction of literacy and numeracy skills and through participation in specialist sessions including Physical Education, Music and Literature in the Library.  Our Early Learners develop the skills and confidence to successfully transition to formal schooling.

Christian Foundations

Christian beliefs and values permeate all that we do in these early years be it in the way teachers give individual encouragement and care or in the daily prayer, Bible story and worship song.

Carefully Designed Environment

The centre is warm and inviting, ideal for learning and play. It features two spacious air conditioned classrooms with a beautiful outlook onto a landscaped play area. A fully equipped kitchen and dining room adjoins the classrooms, and amenities for the children are safe and accessible. Our outdoor environment includes a unique sensory and exploratory garden with a vegetable patch for children to learn about the care of plants and to develop an appreciation of nature.

Partnership Is Paramount

Fostering genuine partnerships between parents, children and teachers yields great rewards for all. Regular connection between teachers and families is essential. There are many opportunities for the strengthening of such unity – parent social events, special days, information evenings and Parent-Teacher interviews.

Here to Learn

The ELC provides a rich and balanced structured program, based on the Victorian Early Years Learning Framework, which fosters a love of learning through affirming a child’s sense of wonder, discovery and natural curiosity. Weekly plans are designed around the emergent interests and needs of each child and the class as a whole, along with experiences planned by teachers to stimulate new interests and areas of inquiry.  


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