Discovery Centre

A place to discover, inquire, explore & connect

The architecturally designed Discovery Centre is strategically located at the heart of Hillcrest Christian College and aims to encourage lifelong learning, supporting and promoting the varied activities that occur across the College. It houses two main book collections along with a vast range of other print, audio and visual resources. This is a place where we are engaging, enabling and educating users.



The mission of the Discovery Centre is to provide staff and students with a place to discover, inquire, explore and connect. Central to our strategies and processes is the desire to meet the needs of our students and staff in the most appropriate manner possible. We have continued to focus on curriculum, independent learning, literacy activism and our Christian values.

Opening hours: Monday - Thursday (8:00am to 5:00pm) & Friday (8:00am to 4:30pm)

Primary Story Centre

The Primary Story Room has been designed to amplify learning in an open and dynamic light filled space. Learners can connect, create, explore, inquire, discover and learn. We have an extensive picture book collection alongside our primary fiction and non-fiction books.

The Main Collection

The main space in the Discovery Centre houses a wide-ranging, contemporary fiction collection filled with many popular genres and topics. Alongside the non-fiction collection learners can manage information effectively and efficiently in various formats including access to databases. This space enables learners to showcase learning, collaborate and embrace a lifelong love of reading.