Volunteers & PIP

The Power of Volunteering

Do you want to add value to education of your child and others?

Do you want to contribute to ensuring the College is attractive, progressive and well resourced?

Across the College, and throughout the year, we have a large number of our parent community participate in voluntary activities. Assisting in Primary School classes with literacy activities, accompanying school excursions and camps, turning up to working bees and contributing to Community Association led initiatives – all are valuable in the partnerships between home and College.

Such involvement within Hillcrest Christian College brings so many benefits.

  • Increases an awareness of the College’s needs
  • Establishes a sense of belonging and service to the wider Hillcrest community
  • Allows an opportunity for fellowship with others who share a vision for Christian education
  • Can significantly reduce maintenance and other staffing costs to the College and in turn can minimise fees

Parent Involvement Program (PIP)

Involvement of parents with the Parent Involvement Program (PIP) is encouraged. Given that not everyone can contribute to the needs of the College with the traditional working bee, with pick and shovel or paint brush, alternatives are provided which can be of equal value to the College. A minimum commitment of 10 hours per family per year is required for PIP. For those unable to participate, a financial contribution is charged to their account.

Working Bees

What a great way to get to know other College families while contributing to the physical development and upkeep of the quality facilities and attractive surrounds.

In the Classroom

What delight students express when they have the support of parents alongside their teachers as they gain knowledge, skills and understanding in their learning. It is especially important as they start out that they build confidence in literacy and numeracy


Remember when you went on school camps; the excitement, the challenges, and the friendships. Live it all again when you join our many camps and excursions. Camps start in Year 3 and continue right through to Year 12.