Community Overview

The Hillcrest community is richer for embracing difference and valuing families from many cultures. What unifies us is the deep desire to see children flourishing in their learning, in their social relationships, in their physical and mental wellbeing, and in their faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

The triangle of student, home and College is essential. Key to this building and maintaining of community is ensuring there are clear communication channels, many opportunities for parents and grandparents to contribute to College life through the Community Association, learning programs and school activities and events, and social spaces for parents to make valuable connections with each other.

Our parent online portal “Crest Connect” is the primary platform for information and collaboration.

What our community rates highest*





* From latest Community Satisfaction Survey


At Assemblies and Chapels, Sports Days and Showjumping Days, Musicals and Recitals, at formals and balls or house events, Presentation nights and Graduations, any excuse to celebrate our wonderful students.

Families Matter

We believe in family; the bedrock of a healthy and civil society. And we love celebrating family with many annual events including Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, VIP Day, and our Family market Night.

Be Informed

Communication is Key. Our online parent portal “Crest Connect” is the go to place for all information about your child’s learning and College events. The weekly College Communique email, Information Evenings, Parent Forums and Student Learning Conferences are just some of the ways we ensure we can partner effectively.

Get Linked In

The impact of parents being active in their children’s learning and school life is huge. Ensure you get linked in through attending our many social events, volunteer in classes and at working bees, join our Community Association or consider becoming a Parent Representatives at all primary levels.

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