Term Dates

An Important Calendar Change For 2018

A decision has been made to alter the 2018 Crest calendar and I want all parents and carers to be aware of this as you plan for next year.

There has been extensive discussion at Cabinet and Hillcrest Executive about the way in which we can enhance professional learning of the staff as a key way to most effectively encourage the best outcomes possible for students across our two Colleges.

 The Outcome

Given that Professional Learning is an important and integral element in our growth as an educational community, the decision has been made to alter the calendar for 2018 by extending the current first week of Term 3 which already has a CSA Conference on the Monday and Staff Day on the Tuesday, to include a more deliberate PD schedule for the remainder of that week.

"In other words, all students will have a three week break with Term 2, 2018 ending on Friday, 29th June & recommencing on Monday, 23rd July."

The three additional days given to staff PD during the third week of the Term 2 break will be offset by the removal of three other stand-alone student free days throughout the year – in March, August and November.  

We are reassigning these days for more productive purposes in light of changes to the way in which we are delivering reporting, learning conferences and professional development. In other words, there will be no loss of student contact days in the year; we are simply putting these PD student-free days together in one consolidated week.


Mr Geoff Grace | Executive Principal | Crest Education

2017 Term Dates Text


Term 1: 30th January to 30th March
 Term 2: 19th April to 30th June
 Term 3: 19th July to 22nd September
 Term 4: 10th October to 6th December

Non-School Days College Terms
Labour DayMonday 13th March
ANZAC DayTuesday 25th April
Report Writing DayFriday 16th June
Queen’s BirthdayMonday 12th June
Mid-Term breakFriday 11th August
Mid-Term breakMonday 6th November
Melbourne CupTuesday 7th November
Curriculum DayFriday 17th November

More Dates

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