Crest Board

The Crest Board is a volunteer-based group of exceptional individuals involved in a wide range of fields. The College was founded in 1981 as an Incorporated Association. At the 2013 AGM, the College migrated to a Company Limited by Guarantee. Though the company adopted a new name, CREST Education, it has retained the same Christian mission and vision.

The Board plays an active role to ensure the College stays true to its mission and strategic direction so it can prosper for future generations. This includes sound fiscal management and governance across all critical success factors as outlined in the College’s Mission and Strategic Plan, maintaining an active building and infrastructure development program, and ensuring the College’s performance meets educational and business standards as a market leader in Christian education.

Board Members

Mr Mathew Daniels

Chairman of the Board (Joined Board July 2011)

Mathew has a Certificate III in Baking and Bread making and a Certificate III in Business Management and Franchising. Mathew has worked in a variety of roles over the last 17 years from Business Management, to business owner. He has worked as a technical baker for Bakers Delight, assisting and advising the network on best practice and bread quality, as well as working as an internal auditor of the Bakers Delight bakeries. Mathew currently runs his own franchise within Bakers Delight.

Mrs Natalie Graham

Treasurer (Joined Board May 2008)

Natalie has worked within the Finance Industry for the past 20 years. She has a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) and CPS Associate member. Natalie is currently working as Financial Controller for Newland Developers, a large land developer covering eastern Australia. Natalie’s areas of expertise include: Financial Management and Project Accounting, Treasury (funding and cash flow), and consolidated accounting.

Mr Geoff Grace

Executive Principal – Crest Education Ltd

Geoff first served at Hillcrest between 1990 and 1992 at the Nyora campus, recommencing with Hillcrest in 1999 and has now served a further 16 years. Geoff has performed a variety of roles in his time at Hillcrest: Chemistry Teacher, VCE Coordinator, Head of Senior School, Deputy Principal and Head of College.

Mr Paul Wiggins

Board Member (Joined Board February 2007)

Paul Wiggins joined the College Board in 2007 and has served as Chairman of the Board between 2008 and 2015. Paul has a strong background in finance and accounting, and has held various roles in the finance industry, including working for some large multinational companies. He worked for Amcor Ltd, the third largest packaging company globally in various senior executive leadership roles. Paul now works for Carlton United Breweries as their Finance Director.

Mrs Amelia Munso

Board Member (Joined Board May 2015)

Amelia currently runs an IT company, Phoenix Austec Group, with her husband, Jason.Amelia enjoys attending church on a Sunday and leading a Growth Group every fortnight at their home. Amelia and her family enjoy sports and holidays as a family.

Mr Darren Poke

Board Member (Joined Board 2016)

Mr Bruce Hanslo

Board Member (Joined Board 2016)

Educational Precinct

This educational precinct, located on the same 138 acres, is made up of six distinct organisational units:

  • Hillcrest Christian College – an ELC to Year 12, Co-Educational College following the Australian Curriculum. A broad specialist subject program is available to all students attending Hillcrest.
  • Rivercrest Christian College – currently an ELC to Year 2 Co-Educational College, offering the International Baccalaureate program. Rivercrest has a triune focus on Global, Environmental and IT education. The plan is for Rivercrest to progressively grow to an ELC – Year 12 Campus over the next decade.
  • Ayr Hill Equestrian Centre – provides students in Year 5 to VCE with Equine studies, as well as Vocational Certificate level qualifications.
  • CREST Environmental Centre – 25 acres of natural reserve, including waterways, 19,000 native trees, bird hides and a specialist Science Centre.
  • Corporate Services – including all Finance, IT, HR, OH&S, Marketing, Grounds and Building Services for the CREST precinct.
  • Crest Institution – fostering, promoting and leading research, scholarship and innovative best practice in Christian education.

Together they make up CREST Education - Centres for Research, Education Service & Transformation.

Strategic Intentions

Taken from the 2011-2015 Strategic Plan.


  • To reach out to families who have not made a faith commitment
  • To support professing Christians in their Christian walk by offering an authentic Christian environment
  • To send students out to continue ‘God’s work’


  • To divide students into groupings to further the development of genuine relationships
  • To develop a sense of belonging
  • To invest in the wider community bringing families, churches and other organisations into partnership with the College
  • To develop attitudes of service and servanthood

Environment to identify and grow with

  • To develop programs to maximise the use of College grounds and facilities
  • To provide opportunities for old fashioned fun in open spaces
  • To provide places to explore and develop personally
  • To provide places to belong to and associate with
  • To promote access to facilities for leisure activities by the wider community

Preparation for Post-Secondary Study

  • To ensure students develop the skills and attitudes to enable post-secondary education and lifelong learning
  • To develop in students, right attitudes and work ethic for success in life
  • To strive to break any perceived or actual social limitations for their future