Early Learning Centre

(3 & 4 years old)

The quality of the learning and nurturing received by the children at our ELC is fundamental to their success in later years. Learning is hands-on, interactive and investigative to encourage the development of an inquiring mind. A rich, structured program based on the inquiry learning approach fosters a love of learning through affirming a child’s sense of wonder, discovery and natural curiosity. Children are introduced informally to Literacy, Numeracy, Science and Social Studies through a rich experiential program. The Centre’s Christian environment encourages the children to know that they are valued and that God loves them achieved through the relating of Bible stories, prayers, songs and positive interactions.

The children’s work is carefully documented and displayed so that teachers and parents can gain insight into each student’s development, understanding and experience.

Our Early Learners are introduced to specialist sessions and enjoy the extensive facilities available at Hillcrest Christian College including the Discovery Centre, play spaces, and sports facilities.

The Hillcrest ELC is a learning community which fosters genuine partnerships between parents, children and teachers. Parental involvement, achieved through the sharing of experiences with children, yields great rewards for both students and adults. Grandparents and special friends are also invited to visit the ELC to celebrate important events. Parent Information Evenings and formal Parent Teacher Interviews are held throughout the year.