Support Services

Learning Support

The Learning Support team is available with resources to support the teacher in catering for special needs of students. Our aim is to encourage all students to experience success. The Learning Support Program is also supported by specialists such as Speech Pathologists, Visiting Teacher Service, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists and various others. Whilst the College is committed to assisting all children, wherever possible, in certain circumstances this is not possible due to the finite resources available to the College.

Gifted & Talented

The Exceler8 program is offered across the whole school and is underpinned by a well-researched holistic approach and incorporates the following strategies:

  • In-class enrichment and differentiation for individuals who require extension in one or more content areas. This may include independent study, contract work or acceleration through the curriculum
  • Withdrawal for enrichment or extension activities or individualised programming
  • Accessing school-based programs and a wide range of programs available on the internet
  • Extra-curricular enrichment programs
  • Mentors for students who have a strong interest and potential ability in a particular field which may be outside the regular school curriculum


A clear goal or career pathway provides clarity and focus for students throughout their studies in the senior years. During Year 10, students undertake the subject of Careers which aims to support them in developing these goals. During their Year 10 and VCE years students have opportunity to meet with a member of the Senior School panel to discuss subject choices. They also meet with the Careers Coordinator to discuss career options and receive advice on tertiary preferences and applications.

Through the ‘Career News’ the College ensures that parents and students are kept up to date with Tertiary courses, Open Days and other important information. At Hillcrest, we are committed to supporting each student in the discovery and development of their God-given gifts and talents and to helping them consider how they might usefully serve God and the community with these gifts.

EAL (English Additional Language)

At Hillcrest we are committed to ensuring that each student has equitable opportunity to succeed and to develop their God-given abilities. The English as an Additional Language (EAL) program is designed to assist students with a non-English speaking background. The students who qualify for EAL assistance and EAL as a VCE subject are those who have been in Australia for less than 7 years and have undertaken less than 7 years of English language training prior to arrival in Australia. Documentation from the country of origin regarding the students' English language experience is required to confirm their EAL status.

EAL students participate in mainstream English classes which are supplemented by regular EAL support according to need. The aim is to provide EAL students with resources to build their confidence so that they can maximise their potential at both the educational and social levels. EAL sessions are aimed at addressing the students' individual needs in the areas of reading, writing, listening and speaking. This enhances their English proficiency and competence in their mainstream subjects to a level where they are able to function in the mainstream classroom and undertake their assessments without being disadvantaged.

Discovery Centre

The architecturally designed Discovery Centre is strategically located at the heart of Hillcrest Christian College and aims to encourage lifelong learning, and support and promote the varied activities that occur across the College.

Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday (8:00am to 5:00pm) & Friday (8:00am to 4:30pm)

Students are welcomed into a bright, modern and comfortable space. We host two main collections; the junior collection is located in the Junior Room and has been designed with wave stepped seats and other dynamic furniture that makes this space a fun learning. The middle and senior collection can be found in the main Discovery Centre space. There are other special collections that are located within each separate section of the College.

The Discovery Centre is a wireless learning space providing for flexible computer use anywhere around our nodes. The place was transformed into an attractive learning resource that provides learners with access to relevant resources to support their learning. There are many spaces that encourage further research and inquiry based learning. The creative pod model of table arrangements allows for group, paired or individual work in an open workspace that encourages interactions and collaboration amongst students.


A number of Senior School teaching staff run extra classes to provide VCE students with support for their Studies. These are held before and after school hours at the College.