Student Delivers Lamb!

On Sunday, 12th August, three Agriculture students from Hillcrest Christian College were able to experience something that most people would be fortunate to experience.

Three students were on their way to the Hillcrest Farm to feed the cows for their 'Cows Create Careers' project. When they arrived at the sheep shed, there were two newborn lambs in good health waiting for them. They realised when they saw the other ewe that she was also going into labour. The first lamb arrived successful but the second was struggling so one of the students quickly went into action to assist the Sheep. They realised that a third was on its way. This time the lamb got completely stuck so one student held down the sheep, while another was able to pull the stuck lamb from the ewe.

This opportunity wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our teacher, Mr David Lott. I’d also like to say thanks to Mr Simon Ratten for being on call and helping us when we didn’t know what to do and for coming down to assist us with the lambs. Overall it was a great experience and if anyone has a chance to experience it they definitely should.

Phoebe - Year 9 Student

The attached clip features the new lambs and calves!