Student Care

Our system of pastoral care underpins everything we do. We believe an anxious child cannot learn effectively and a relaxed and happy child absorbs things more easily. Pastoral care encompasses all activities and the strong relationship between staff and students is evident in all that we undertake.

Before & After School Care 2017

OSHClub provides the highest quality Before School Care, After School Care, Pupil Free Day Care and Holiday Programs for ELC and Primary aged children in a safe, fun and stimulating environment.

We pride ourselves on providing children with a fun experience that they will enjoy. From exciting activities and healthy, nutritious snacks to caring, motivated staff, the program meets all your children’s needs.

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Pastoral Care by Teachers

All teachers have a pastoral role; however, each class is also supported by a core teacher who will focus on that group. The Pastoral Teacher model and Homeroom approach enhance student learning by enabling connections across curriculum areas and providing students with pastoral care, stability and an environment that supports learning and fosters student/teacher relationships. This model is in place to support students across the College from Prep to Year 12.


The Chaplaincy team has as its focus the leadership of the spiritual life of the College. They:

  • are called to provide care, alongside of others, for the total wellbeing of those within the College Community. 
  • help lead Devotions, Chapel Services, Assemblies, and the like working with the Heads of School and Head of College. 
  • take an active role in co-ordinating the follow up of students who have been referred to the 
Chaplaincy team for pastoral care and where appropriate take direct responsibility for these students and subsequent referral to churches, youth support services or professional counselling services. 
  • also encourage students to attend church by putting them in touch with local Youth Pastors and Youth Groups.

Our Chaplains attend as many School Camps as possible and seek to create effective ways of mixing and relating with students during the school week.

College Nurse

In seeking to provide quality care for students and staff, the College's Health Centre provides the services of a qualified Nurse. Our Nurse is on site every day between 9:00am and 4:00pm. Day to day health needs are met within the Health Centre with referral to more appropriate medical support services on an individual assessment basis. The College Nurse also meets with students in the classroom providing advice on preventative health and other important issues. It is important to note also that the College provides insurance cover for all students including ambulance coverage.

Student Discipline

Hillcrest Christian College is dedicated to maintaining discipline, which is firm, consistent, fair and tempered with love. The staff are involved in training young people to attain good Christian character, with an emphasis on the positive aspects of student conduct. Staff maintain standards of behaviour in the classroom through consistency, professionalism and a genuine regard for the student. However, when discipline becomes necessary, it is firmly carried out, tempered by good judgment and understanding.

We recognise the issue of bullying exists everywhere, in work places as well as schools, therefore a very strong proactive approach has been developed to deal with this growing problem. Hillcrest Christian College does not tolerate bullying in any form. All members of the Hillcrest community are committed to ensuring a safe and caring environment, which promotes personal growth and positive self-esteem for all.
All the College’s rules are based upon our Lord’s injunction to “Do to others, what you would have them do to you” Matthew 7:12. 

Our Universal Code of Conduct encourages students to:

  • Respect and obey teachers
  • Respect others and their property
  • Be punctual and prepare for class
  • Do all work required of them
  • Follow the School Rules for each school


Child Safe Framework

Child safety is an ongoing key focus at Hillcrest Christian College. Providing a safe and supportive environment for children has always been an important part of being a Christian School. Legislation and compliance now demands all schools in Victoria to take child safety much more seriously. 

We are committed as a school community to doing our part to protect the children under our care. A safe environment includes developing a culture of child safety in the school, including a zero tolerance of child abuse. We all have been entrusted with an obligation to do the best we possibly can to keep our children safe from harm.

We have embraced the opportunity to strengthen the safety of our operations and aim to further develop a culture of child safety. We do not simply aim for compliance with the Child Safe standards; instead we seek to be a place of excellence where Child Safety is deeply embedded into the culture of the organisation.

Please download the following document for greater detail in relation to our Child Safe Framework.

Child Safe Framework.pdf

Miss Kim Barrett

Chaplain Kim Barrett continues in her work with teenage female students. Miss Barrett runs pro-active programs that help students to grow in their spirituality and resilience. She runs a mentor program and a VCE girls’ support group. She is able to assist senior students with stress management training and resources. She is currently at school from Wednesday to Friday.

Mr Jason Wright

Jason in based in the Middle and Senior School and provides pastoral care through one-to-one chats, involvement in Camps, Chapels, Worship, and Devotions. He enjoys using sports, technology and music to connect with students and is also the Director for the Senior School Chapel Band. Jason is a Hillcrest parent with two children in the Junior School.

Mr Rowan Hendrickse

Mr Hendrickse is based in Junior School and involved in student support, class devotions, Christian studies, Chapel, excursions and camps (he is on campus most Thursdays and Fridays). He works closely with the Junior School captains, runs the lunchtime ‘Bedtime Stories’ program and provides the ‘Whole Hearted’ group for students under stress.

Miss Kim Barrett


Mr Rowan Hendrickse

Mr Rowan Hendrickse

Mr Jason Wright

Mr Jason Wright