Community Association

The Community Association (CA) is a group of people who work on a voluntary basis within the College to promote a genuine sense of community, to provide support, fellowship and fundraising. The Committee is made up of Hillcrest Parent Members and a College Staff Representative. The CA meet once a month for a formal meeting, where they plan and then implement a number of activities throughout the year. Parents can join the CA at many different levels. They may join in the full monthly meetings or join one of the sub-committees in their area of interest such as fundraising or community.

The CA aims to create a community atmosphere, foster friendships and provide support throughout the College both formally and informally.

In addition to these community based activities, the CA also plan and implement some fundraising events like Market Days, BBQ's and photo days. The funds raised are invested into school resources and programs. Some of the things the CA have contributed to over the past few years include air-conditioning units, security fences, chairs for the MPC, and a grand piano for the Performing Arts Centre.

Prayer Group

A group of parents meet weekly at the College to pray for the College and the wellbeing of its staff, students and families. Prayer undergirds all that we do and we are so appreciative that parents are supporting us in this vital manner.

Volunteers & PIP

Throughout the College, and throughout the year, we have a large number of our parent community participate in voluntary activities. Assisting in Junior School classes with literacy activities, accompanying school excursions and camps, turning up to working bees and contributing to CA led initiatives – all are valuable in the partnerships between home and College.

Parent involvement within Hillcrest Christian College is to be encouraged as it provides the following benefits:

  • Increases an awareness of the College’s needs
  • Establishes a sense of belonging and service to the wider Hillcrest community
  • Allows an opportunity for fellowship with others who share a vision for Christian education
  • Can significantly reduce maintenance and other staffing costs to the College and in turn can minimise fees

Involvement of parents with the Parent Involvement Program (PIP) is encouraged. Given that not everyone can contribute to the needs of the College with the traditional working bee, with pick and shovel or paint brush, alternatives are provided which can be of equal value to the College. A minimum commitment of 10 hours per family per year is required for PIP. For those unable to participate, a financial contribution is charged to their account.